Name: Stephen Simolari on June 07, 2001
Website: CLAMBOT.COM!!!!!!!!
Found us by: I am you
Favorite BattleBot:RHODE HOG by far
I need pics from Cali yo!!!!!
Name: BRiT on May 25, 2001
Website: WTF Inc.
Found us by: Alien Soup
Favorite BattleBot:
Wish you and your bot the best of luck in the competitions ahead.
Name: sean c on May 22, 2001
Website: Sidestreet Luge
Found us by: life beat article in projo
Favorite BattleBot:mauler
i read the article in life beat and i noticed it said you built part of your robot from a streetluge. do you guys streetluge? i'm always looking for other locals who luge

Name: Morgan Quinn on May 61, 2006
Website: I.Am/Morgin
Found us by: Dann
Favorite BattleBot:DannBot
I should scan some of the times i have been in the paper too!
Name: Justin on April 30, 2001
Website: Nil
Found us by:
Favorite BattleBot:CarbonBot
I wanna be special too
Name: Arlie Manchur on April 28, 2001
Found us by: Morgan
Favorite BattleBot:
its the two heebs and a bean guy from morgan's post. haha he sent me this, its so cool, good luck Dann.
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