The mission of BattleBots at Salve Regina University (SRU) is to assemble a team of people who have an affinity with Salve Regina University and have a common interest of being together throughout the life cycle of a mechanical engineering project. The team will consist of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community friends who together will design, build, qualify, and enter the 2001 National BattleBot Competition. Participation and inclusion in this team will help members build lasting relationships and friendships by working together to achieve a common goal. It is not important to win the competition or even place in the event. Team embers will share lasting memories in victory or defeat and will help and support each other throughout the event. Team members will learn teamwork, sportsmanship, camaraderie, and safety.


Our immediate goal is to assemble a working R/C robot and enter the spring 2001 National BattleBots Competition, San Francisco, California, May 24 - 28, 2001. The competition is a nationally televised event and has been in existence since 1994. Our first team effort will be minimal and if successful, the team will learn from this experience and continue to improve upon the original design and strategies and return next fall. Entry deadline is TBA and entry forms will be available March 2, 2001 and

What is a BattleBot?

A BattleBot is a unique creation that blends creativity, imagination, science, and engineering into an instrument of expression. A BattleBot is a work of art. But unlike a painting that can be preserved and cherished forever, a BattleBot is destined to ruin and destruction. A BattleBot is a mechanical Olympian whose performance must be seen and remembered to be appreciated. Like the wind, it can not be placed in a bottle. It is more than a fighting machine. It is the result of collaboration, teamwork, skill, knowledge, planning, strategy, budgeting, and just plain hard work. Like its human Olympian counterparts, years of training and planning ends with a three-minute performance.

Who is the Team?

Participating in the 2001 National BattleBot Competition requires a tremendous amount of effort and commitment. A team of experts must be assembled before any physical construction may take place. The team must be segmented into components that will examine and plan the entire project. Specific areas of attention include: organization, Wireless Communication (WC) or Remote Control (R/C), mobility and navigation, offense and defense, power, maintenance and spare parts, parts gathering and sponsors, work site preparation and tools, transportation, and last but not least, safety. The team will need people with experience in: systems analysis, management, design, information and database management, wireless communications, mechanical engineering, physics, Web design, and electronics.