Pictures from San Fran (Post#6)
Update by Dann on June 26, 2001
It's not a pretty layout, but all the pictures are there.

We're working on the float for the Bristol 4th of July parade alongside Bob of Bob's Big Adventures.

Also we were mentioned in Salve Today and Thanks for spreading the word.
Clambot (Post#5)
Update by dolemite on May 12, 2001
Rhode Hog is going to eat up the competition. It would be nice if the team updated the webpage once in a while.
I did it (Post#4)
Update by Gyro on April 25, 2001
If we can have Pink Wheels, we can have Pink Text. Good job Dann T, Dan C, and Steve for putting making the NDNews happen. Kudos !

Clambot made front page news (Post#3)
Update by Dann on April 25, 2001
Click on the thumbnails for the full resolution articles.

Pictures (Post#2)
Update by Dann on April 19, 2001
A few more pictures of the bot are in the gallery. We now have the clamshell, and the base frame finished. open (Post#1)
Update by Dann on April 6, 2001 is open. If you are on the team, please contact me, so I can assist you in creating an account to post updates.

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