Guy 1: How are you today?

Guy 2: I am fine, how are you? Do you want to look through my CD player?

Guy 1: That is not a CD player, that is a CD holder.

Guy 2: Oi, that is not a CD holder, it is a CD player. Do you want me to use my Wu-tang against you?

Guy 1: O, for that you gonna die! Let us go to the park.

Guy 2 or maybe Guy 1: Ok!

Guy 2: I will challege you to a swordfight!

In Park

Guy 1: Oh no, I think we are lost.

Guy 2: What are you socking about, we are not lost.

Guy 1: Yes, we are lost.

Guy 2: Oh yeah, I think you are wrong

Guy 2 pushes Guy 1

Guy 1: Ah, why you push me? For that your gonna die!

Guy 2 strangles Guy 1, while heavy footsteps can be heard. Approaching

Boom, boom, boom ,booooom, boooooommmm

Goshzilla's foot is scene walking, then tripes over a branch. Then we see his head from behind a tree

Goshzilla: Raaarr, Raaaarrrr, Raaaaaaaaaaaaarr, Raar

Guy 2 gets stomped by Goshzilla's foot.

Boom, aaaa, booomm, aaargh, booom, auuuugh, OI oi.

Guy 1: Are you alright my friend?

Guy 2: Ha nunh, no, I am not alright, Do you think I am look alright? I been stepped on my some creature. I am not alright. Get up and....you idiot...help me.

Guy 1: Oh no, I think I shall help you now. Get up, stop talking like that. Get uuupp. Get uuuuuuppppp. Ah forget it, I think I'll just leave him here, and leave him to die. Haha.

Chinese suspense music

Guy 3 (looks like Guy 2): Buumm, be bumm bee dum bum bum. Hi, how are you today?

Guy 1: I am very fine, how are you?

Guy 3: OK!, well I think I shall be you new friend now. Is that alright with you?

Guy 3 but should be Guy 1:That is ok with me, but a monster just ate my other friend, and I dun ya ta de yin, la da ta la la la.

Goshzilla apporaoches

Guy 3: Uh oh, what is that noise? Uh oh, it is a monster. Uhggg, oh my head, oh my head.

Goshzilla chews on Guy 3's head

Guy 3: Oh, I think I shall die now. Uuuugh, oh, I'm dying. Uuughm ugh, ah man, oh this, this isn't good. Oh no, auugh. Auuugh, alright.

Guy 4 (looks like Guy 2 or 3): Ho yo hi hum hee haw ho yum hee hee yee.

Guy 1: Oi, are you my first friend?

Guy 4: Da da da yump, no I am not you first friend, who do you think I am?

Guy 1: I do not know who you are! Please stata you name so I may know.

Guy 4: Huuuump, I am Ho Chi Mihn, you might have seen me on that tank in Boston.

Guy 1: Ah, Ho Chi Mihn, welcome, but there is a monster around.

Guy 4: What kind of monster?

Guy 1: A hairy monster.

Guy 4: Hairy? I thought it was scaley.

Guy 1: It was scaley, that's what I said. I'm coming down now.

Guy 4: Fine, come down.

Goshzilla show head from behind tree and roars.

Guy 1 or maybe Guy 4 (too dark to tell): Oh, I think I see the monster.

Goshzilla: Rah har, Who wants more cheese on there pizza?

Guy 4 raises his hand and Guy 1 pushes him towards Goshzilla.

Guy 4: Oh, ah aurn, ah, aur aur yum.

Goshzilla: Do you taste like a fortune cookie too?

Guy 1: Shakes head

Goshzilla: Ok, goodbye

Guy 1: Flails arms, and runs.

Goshzilla: Ah this is it, we shall have a final showdown.

Guy 1: I am the stupid karate kid, do you think you can fight me?

Goshzilla: I am Godzilla, do you not think I cannot beat anyone?

Guy 1: Well let's fight!

Hi yah, he yah hoi yi mun ho yah. Oooooyyaaahh.

Guy 1: Oh no, do not do that ah ooooiiii. Oooii, hhhmmmm, hahaha, oi, I willa come back and fighta you more.

Guy 1 falls down defeated

Goshzilla: Ahh, you have defeated me!

Guy 1 Walks away into the distance, then Guy 4 (or maybe Guy 2 or 3) limps after him.

A lovely songs is heard.