Six Aces: Day 1

The scene opens with three rich people playing a game of poker.

Theo Folio: Count your money boys, cause your gonna loose it, you gonna loose it all. Listen here guys, you understand what life is all about? eeehhnn Takes a sip from a glass mmmmmmmmmmm You ready to begin?

Shane Blair: I believe so

Theo: Standard rules, five cards a player, dueces wild.

Theo deals out their cards Theo: Good luck, because you'll need it. Because I'm going to beat you! I'm gonn take all your money.

Shane: You always say that and you always loose, quit dissapointing yourself.

Theo: Looks at cards and has two aces and three 8's Ohhhh yeaahh.

Shane: Looks at cards and has a royal flush

Manchestor: Looks at cards and has a 7, 2, 9, 4, and a Jack. Switches them around looking for a combination, and finally throws them away.

Manchestor takes a sip from his glass and a stack of cards falls from his hat, which he quickly scoops up.

Shane: Let's start this off with...a thousand.

Manchestor: I see you your thousand, and raise you....5 thousand. Theo: We'll make this more interesting...we'll bring this up to around, million dollars.

Manchestor: You must be very confident.

Shane: Crikey

Theo: I'm very confident

Shane: It's a lot of money, are you sure about this?

Theo: Ooohh yes

Shane: You wouldn't be bluffin again would you?

Theo: Nooo, it's all there. I'm gonna beat you boys back to school.

They show their card hands Theo: Full house, 8's over aces, read 'em and weep.

Shane: Well Theo it looks like you lost your money. I've got a royal flush. See if you can beat that.

Manchestor: Well, I got six aces. Scoops up money

Shane: Well manchestor, it looks like you've won again.

Theo: I loose again, I loose again!

Shane: No sense in throwing temper tantrums, shall well play again. Theo: Yeah, shall we play again

Manchestor: No, I grow tired of playing this game.

Shane: No?

Theo: Shall we bet more money?

Shane: That sounds like a good idea

Manchestor: No, I have another idea.

Theo: More money?

Manchestor: Noooo,

Shane: You've spent all your money already.

Manchestor: It's an entirely new game.

Theo: More money?