The Surcharge Skit

Employee: Duuude, welcome to Mc.

Customer: Hi, I'd like to buy a small fry.

Employee: Looks at register, punched some stuff in Small....Fry. Here ya go dude.

Customer: Ok, um can you put it on my master card?

Employee: Mastercard..we don't take mastercard. Grabs card and throws it away

Customer: Ok, Visa

Employee: We don't take Visa, again throws it away

Customer: Well, you have to take this. American Express

Employee: Well of course we take American Express dude! Ah you rock. Ok, let's see if I can figure this out. I don't do it very often. Ok, that cost you five cents.

Customer: Uh hum.

Employee: Charge it..Ready.... Swipes card, nothing, swipes again, nothing. One more, ah got it. It says here, you owe us five million dollars. Hands card back.

Customer: Five

Employee: No, five million dollars. There's a surcharge on everything you charge. Hehehe, get the pun?

A little guy walks up

Little Guy: I want some little fries.

Employee: Little fries, little fries, we don't have little we have small.

Little Guy: I'm a little guy, so I want little fries.

Employee: Too bad, you got a small, cause your a small guy. Ah, here you go, small fries.

Little Guy: Takes fries and hands over a card American Express.

Employee: We don't take American Express!

Little Guy: Visa.

Employee: We take Visa.

Little Guy: That's my Visa.

Employee: I don't need a Visa, since I'm American.

Little Guy: That is my Visa.

Employee tries agin to swipe the card, nothing.

Little Guy: This is my ladybug friend.

Employee finally swipes card

Employee: Ah, that worked. Cool. Ok, that cost you five cents. You owe us five billion bucks.

Hands card back

Employee: Hehe, there's a surcharge on everything you charge.

Little Guy collapses