Episode 2

Trebor has flashbacks, to his youth, and first encounter with Shlim.

Shlim climbs out of a hole in the floor and sneaks under the stairway as Trebor walks down.

Trebor: Mom? Dad?

Trebor walks in his basement and staggers back as he sees Shlim

Trebor: Who are you?

Shlim: Shlim

Shlim and Trebor fight and Trebor manages to get Shlim in an armlock.

Trebor: Where are my parents?

Shlim: Dead

Shlim then teleports away and Trebor heads upstairs. The flash back pauses as Trebor walks around his old house. The flashback resumes as Trebor is running up the stairs. He almost runs to the next room when he feels a liquid on his neck and looks up. The view zooms to the hand of a dead person. Trebor runs up to see who it is.

Trebor: Mom...

Then Shlim is shown above in the rafters.

Shlim: Don't expect to be seeing your dad anytime soon. At least not face to face.

Shlim teleports away and Trebor shields his face from the light. He finds a ductsaber that was his fathers and begins training.

Trebor: I cannot stay here anymore; the memories are too dark. I must go somewhere else.

The flashback ends, and Trebor walks up a railing.

Trebor: They never did finish building this house.

Trebor's watch beeps. Katano is on the other end.

Katano: Trebor.

Trabor: Yeah, what is it?

Katano: Report to the breifing room.

Trebor: I'll be right there.

A view of the console command come in view and Katano along with another alien are looking at a map. Trebor runs up to it.

Katano: Ah, good, Trebor, you're here.

Trebor: What's this?

Alien: This is the Island of Traken Ico. Danobts are stationed right here. We move in here. Katano will tell you the rest.

Katano: First you must destroy the fleet. We will be flying K-wings, my personal design. We will try to keep the Silver Enemy in space. If not, we will come around here. Here is where you will use your true skills.

Trebor: I understand.

Two aliens are directing the flight take off.

Alien#1: Good, progress is good. Alright, Alpha 1-7 Beta 1-4. Alpha teams check in, Beta teams check in.

A view of a large space carrier floats in space, and the K-wings are found within. All the pilots check in.

Ryannu: Alpha 1 checking in, I'm ready for liftoff.

Al E. Phant: Alpha 2 checking in.

Bee: bzzzzzzzzzz

EyeGuy: Alpha 4

Henri: Alpha 5 checking in.

Pig: Unf, Alpha 6.

Trebor: Alpha 7 reporting in. Ready for takeoff.

Katano: Beta team checkin, Beta 1.

Gnomey: Beta 2, I am ready.

Alien#2 at the command center responds

Alien#2: Are you sure you're up for this, you don't sund very prepared.

Gnomey: I am the fiercest warrior on my planet, I am the fastest runner.

Alien#2: Yes, but you don't need to run, we are in space.

Gnomey: I am the fiercest warrior on my planet, I am fastest runner.

Alien#2: Maybe you should just sit this one out.

Musse: Beta 3, checking in.

Sheep: Beeeeehhta 4

All the ships take off, except for Gnomey. The view centers back on him

Gnomey: Uh, what's the launch button?

Alien#2: It's not just a button, it's a sequence of buttons, didn't you learn this in school.

Gnomey: Yeah, *sigh*, Where's the launch button?

The view resumes to the ships taking off and going into formation. Then through a cluster of asteroids, a satellite comes into view. The inside is shown and the enemy ships are preparing for take off. Each Meelyr Alien announces that its ready, and the enemy ships fly out from underneath it and go into a formation. Then the Silver Enemy's ship comes into view.

Silver Enemy: We're moving in, remember leave no survivors.

The ships head off and arrive at a planet. The view travels around the planet and focuses on the K-wings. Katano, Musse and Sheep advance and take out two of the enemy ships. Pig, EyeGuy, Bee and Ryannu take out another two. Al E. Phant smashes the window of an enemy ship causing the pilot to be sucked out. Henri, chases one around a cluster of asteroid, and Trebor taps an emeny ship cuasing it to spin out of control. A piece of that ship hits Katano, making people think he died. Katano assures them that he is alright. The Silver Enemy attack Ryannu and shoots his ship down. Katano, and Treborm chase the Silver Enemny down to the planet below while the rest leave. Katano lands near the Silver Enemy, while Trebor keeps going.

Katano: Silver Alien, I meet you at last.

They fight a bit

Silver Enemy: No, I am the Silver Enemy.

The Silver Enemy knocks Katano down and as he is about to swipe down, Katano teleports out of view. Katano walks up and pulls a ductdagger out of the air, and teleports back to fight the Silver Enemy again. He knocks the saber out of the Silver Enemy's hand, and teleports out again, just as the Silver Enemy goes for a punch. One last fight ensues and Katano is knocked out. The Silver Enemy almost goes for the final blow but feels it isn't worth it, and disappears behind his saber.

Trebor is seen on a beach, and the Silver Enemy is in the distance. They start walking up to each other and the Silver Enemy takes off his mask, pulls out his double bladed saber and attacks. Trebor blocks each and every attack but is knocked down. Trebor uses his dagger to block the Silver Enemy's attack and pushes him over. He grabs the ductsaber again and resumes the fight. They continue fighting until the Silver Enemy uses Trebors own dagger to stab him. Trebor pulls it out and makes a fatal blow to the Silver Enemy, but dies himself, as the view goes black.

Katano is seen from a distance and the view zooms out. The remaining K-wings fly through the sky. Back on the ship, Katano, Juan Zi Nobie, Musse, and Christo are sitting there. A side panel on the ship opens up and Trebor's casket floats out.


Silver AlienChris
Silver Enemy(Schlim)Chris
Juan Zi-NobieJohn
Quarkzarian RepresentativeAmy
Military RepresentativeKatharine
Princess TresbetAmy
Queen CibaraKatharine
The Mask(body/voice)Dann
The Mask(head)John
The Masked LeaderJohn
Masked Guard 1Wesley Snipes
Masked Guard 2Dann
Aunt IotaDann
The VampireNita Krebs

3D Cast
Al E Phant




Clubbed to Death - Rob D
Immortal - Kittie
The Wretched - NIN
The Prefect Drug (remix) - NIN
The Prodigy
Drum Trip - Rusted Root
Mouth (remix) - Bush
(-) Ions - Tool
Fatherland - Die Krupps
Demanufactured - Fear Factory
Hummel Gets the Rockets - 'The Rock'
Timelessness - Fear Factory

Special Effects

Set Design

Costume Design

Clint Eastwood
Penny Marshall
Harrison Ford
Arnold Shrartzanneggær(sp?)
Catherine Zeta-Jones

Sound Engineers
Jimmy James

Llama Trainer
Arnie Smith

Squirrel Concert Bouncers
Big-Jim Tarnzie


Dedicated to all who have died due to the Clinton reign


(c) MM
DCJ Productions
Some Rights Reserved


Based on a true story


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