Ductwars: Midnight Shadows
Continuing the story of the Ductorians, "Midnight Shadows" follows the path of Christo and the rest of the freedom fighters in their battle against the Masked Empire.

This fourth installment of the Ductwars series, takes place 90 years after the recruitment of Christo and death of The Masked Invader. Christo had become the leader of the Ductorian council during the time of the Silver Enemy and continues to fulfill that position. Emperor Namos, whom Juan-zi Nobie fought many years earlier, has been resurrected by the Witch Zi and furthermore resurrected The Masked Invader, now known as Mevik, and The Silver Enemy, again going by the name of Shlim. Each has their personal revenge to carry out; Mevik for being defeated by Christo and Dantin, Shlim who never finished Katano when he had the chance, and Emperor Namos whose sole goal is to finish Juan-zi Nobie once and for all.

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