Mer de Noms

Artist: A Perfect Circle

Year: 2000

Genre: Rock

Sub-Genre: Heavy (sorta)

Notable Songs: Judith, Rose

01 - The Hollow (2:58)
02 - Magdalena (4:04)
03 - Rose (3:25)
04 - Judith (4:05)
05 - Orestes (4:47)
06 - 3 Libras (3:37)
07 - Sleeping Beauty (4:08)
08 - Thomas (3:28)
09 - Reholdër (2:23)
10 - Thinking of You (4:32)
11 - Breña (4:04)
11 - Over (2:20)

Enhanced: No

Cover Art/Booklet: The logo on the cover has foil where the two arcs are, so it shines. Inside there are credits and some random pictures.

    It's been ages since Tool put out an album; partly because the members don't stay together permanently, and partly because Maynard was working on this side project. If you've heard Tool, you'll instantly recognize the lead vocals, but if you're expecting Tool-like music, you're not going to get it. The music is more tone-downed and polished, but the inventive guitar sounds are still present.

The music is hard to describe. It's not really heavy, but it's still strong; I certainly wouldn't include it in the lite rock catagory by any means. Regardless of how it sounds, it is well done and will definately become a favorite in the future.

Bottom Line: It's not Tool, but instead a well put together album that will live in your CD player.

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