Artist: Kittie

Year: 2000

Genre: Rock

Sub-Genre: Metal

Notable Songs: Brackish, Spit, Paperdoll

01 - Spit (2:20)
02 - Charlotte (3:56)
03 - Suck (3:31)
04 - click here (3:00)
05 - Brackish (3:06)
06 - Jonny (2:24)
07 - Trippin' (2:21)
08 - Raven (3:25)
09 - Get Off (2:51)
10 - Choke (4:05)
11 - Paperdoll (3:22)
12 - Immortal (2:49)

Enhanced: Yes. There is a web page which links to the audio tracks, some pictures and the full length video of Brackish. But for some reason, the vocals are barely audible. The video is a proprietary format too, so you have to use their player.

Cover Art/Booklet: A picture of the band on the cover, and more in side, followed by another and some credits.

    I was testing out Spinner one day, which is an Internet radio proggie, since I got a cable connection and now my download speeds have almost doubled, so I get 5kb/sec. And I had heard of Kittie at this point, but have heard any of their songs. Well one of their songs came on, and it sounded pretty good, so I downloaded some more, and it grew on me. So being the good citizen I am, I went out and bought the CD (it was on sale too).

There is some variety of songs on this album. A lot of the songs are the gruff metal that you'd expect from any heavy band, although taken to the extreme like bands such as slipknot, fear factory, or sepultura do. But in addition to this, there are some songs thrown in which go softer for part or the whole song and show the range of vocals they can achieve. The instrumentals are inventive and vary as well.

I downloaded Paperdoll from the net, and it sounded like a regular rock/metal song, but the one on the album is acoustic. I dunno why. The track listing also is different, maybe it was a demo or something.

The only thing wrong is there's only 39 minutes of music on the album, but it's quality that counts. Unless your writing a report, then it's quantity.

Bottom Line: Good stuff. If you like slipknot or korn, check out the samples on the cdnow page or on their official page

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