Artist: Pig

Year: 1996

Genre: Rock

Sub-Genre: Industrial

Notable Songs: The Sick, Painiac

01 - Serial Killer Thriller (6:15)
02 - Hamstrung On The Highway (5:34)
03 - Golgotha (1:40)
04 - The Sick (5:06)
05 - Painiac (Nothing Touches Me) (6:06)
06 - Shell (3:26)
07 - Analgesia (5:26)
08 - Volcano (5:09)
09 - Hot Hole (4:52)
10 - Transceration (2:52)

Enhanced: Nope

Cover Art/Booklet: Well just look at the cover above. It gets weirder inside, photos of a human and pigs all spliced into one figure. Very weird stuff.

    I've been listening to KMFDM for a while. While that is all good, I knew of a previous member who had split off and started a few other band, one being Pig. But for w long while I never bother hearing anything by Pig. One day I tripped over a song called Painiac on scour exchange or something, so I downloaded it. Then I listened to it and it was really good. Still had the KMFDM style, but was different in a way I couldn't describe. So I downloaded some more songs, and then finally went to buy one. But of course, are any music stores going to carry this, of course not. So it was either or ebay. Cdnow sells CD's for $17.00; I found one on ebay for $6.00. So needless to say, I got one from ebay, and it happened to be the one with Painiac on it. It also turned out to be a promo, so a little added bonus there.

Now the style of music varies a bit on the CD. There are the typical german indutrial songs, as well as some softer almost all spoken songs, and then a few instrumental/mood songs thrown in for good measure.

Three songs in particular stand out. First up is 'The Sick'. It's very much like a KMFDM songs, but the female vocals are what brings it to life. The next is 'painiac', which I had already liked, mostly because of the energy they put into it. The final surprise song is 'analgesia' which uses piano musicand some amience to create a pleasantly haunting atmosphere.

This was as good of an album to start with as any. I'll be getting 'Wrecked' soon, so hopefully I will be able to compare.

Bottom Line: Caffinated KMFDM. Industrial fans will be sure to like it, and if you want to sample Pig, then here's a good starting point.

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