ACME lightbulbs
Another Commercial-like flash animation. This one for ACME lightbulbs. I wanted to do something that wasn't violating any copyrights.
Enjoy Coke
This is not a real Coke ad or connected with them in anyway. I just did this to show that I could do a non-goofy flash thing.
Here's a flash intro I did for quake3arena.co.uk, a spinoff of Far2Cool.com. It was never used, but I think it came out nice, so I'll put it here.
I used flash to save space on the web site. All the submenus slide in as the previous menus slide out, so all the items can share the same space.
I did an intro in flash for the RIYF site. I didn't spend a whole lot of time on it, but I think the simplicity worked out.
RIYF Menu 2
In a later design change, I made this menu which still uses the idea of reusing space for all the menu items.