You're only a strong as your weakest link

So in the interest of saving you time, here's the weakest link.

Now onto the good ones:

Sister Sites:

  • Goshzilla - Music and b-movie reviews

  • Six-Aces - All the info about our movie: Six Aces

  • Clambot - Our battlebot's site

  • - The home of all that is Ductorian

  • DCJ Productions - Portal to our sites

  • DCJ Database - Every movie, actor, character, and side project cross-referenced and clickable.

  • The Oakley Review - My fairly comprehensive database of all Oakley products, with reviews.

    Big Domain Sites:

  • sCary's Shugashack - Game news, with boatloads of tech info and humour.

  • X-Entertainment - All the 80's pop culture you can handle. If you're mad that you sold you voltron set years ago, you'll find memories coming back to haunt you as you, browse.

  • Something Awful - Dedicated to everything awful. Bad games, bad movies, bad quake maps, and JeffK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • - This will soon get cult following like

  • - Might as well mention it. It's fun.

  • Teleport-city - Reviews of some of the weirdest movies you'll never see (if your lucky).


  • The Bunker - John's personal whatever site.

  • - I'm sure this will be open someday.

  • Viscidity - Home of the Viscid from the toons page.

  • Far2cool - The official Half-life related clans for the UK.

    Sites that flat out confuse me:

  • Squirrels - A site all about squirrels, but the approach is odd. Download the 112meg avi file, I did.