My name is Dann Thombs. I usually just stick to 'Dann' as a handle, since I've never really given to much thought to it, nor been able to keep one. 'The man' is sometimes added by second or third parties, but I don't want to be that arrogant or egotistical, to add it myself. I am 27 and currently work at Salve Regina where I went to college doing systems stuff. I also teach at Roger Williams University and do side programming. I also teach little kids skating during the winter.

I do get out once in a while, in fact I even try to limit my computer time. Failing or not, I like to spend time at a private beach near my house (avg water temp: 50-60 F, it feels warm to New Englanders under 30), and in antique shops or taking pictures of bugs. I've gotten into movie making a little more seriously (even if we don't take ourselves seriously) than in past years and you can see most of our work on this page. Then I met a nice girl bought a house and got married in under 10 months, so that's working nicely. Got a cute little snabie out of it too.

Web History:

I started out way back when the web was young with a portion of a page linked to by an internal link. Fortunately I conviced my dad to have my own .html document, but it still looked pretty sad. I then moved to the free ISP provided page; but then my last name got registered as a domain, and I put up another sad page (note: archived). Then I got the usual Geocities (note: defunct) and Tripod (note: still active?!) pages, which began my Gaming related webmastering experience. Bumbling along trying to be noticed, I saw a logo contest for a little geocities page called The Daily Death and figured 'why not?',(note: This page is now the RIYF league which in turn is not active anymore; updated note: that's not their either now) so I entered. Following that I made some simple designs and was asked to join. I was there from Early/Mid December 1997. Then Far2Cool (note: now dedicated to the UK Half-life related clans) offered to let me work in this page, and it sounded cool, and I was there for a good while. Then the <10 meg of text files and small images hit the 1 gig/month limit due to large amounts of hits, and had to go down. During the Far2Cool time period and a bit after I co-ran the RIYF league (note: again, defunct), which was a clan where players of Half-life could band together and have organized matches. Unfortunately things didn't work out, but we got some cool site designs. In addition to Decemberized, also points to this (note: it's a whole site now) and is the home for our movies and pretty much anything we create. I also have which has reviews of b-movies, and music. Some other stuff too, but it's far and few between. Recently on my trip to battlebots, I created a site for our bot at (note: archived) which has some pictures and stuff.

When I am wasting time spending time on the computer, I work an various Flash creations, mainly to express my strange mind. (Visit the toons page). I don't play games too much, but Quake2, with Plug-in models and the Eraser bot was a hit, and Quake had many hours burned into it. As for old school games, when I didn't have to hear obscienities at every turn, from the games and the gamers, I enjoyed Captain Comic, Keen ( I registered that ), every Epic game and every apogee game. Rott was and still is my favortite First Person Shooter.

Currently (note: hopefully this is the last note),,, and are the active sites.


Anything that sounds good really. I don't go much for the "it's independant(unknown/small/haven't sold-out) so it's awesome" sorta thing. I mean if people like a band one day then they get played on MTV, why should they suddenly become not worth listening to. I dunno, but I guess if people want to listen to boring music because they haven't sold out, then they can do that. Oh and I don't like Radiohead (that should annoy a few people).

So you want more details, well I like music mostly in the industrial/ metal catagory. I do like some mid-tempo rock as well, but it's limited to certain artists. Gothic, Punk and Metal are all good too, although punk can sometimes be too amateurish to enjoy. Pennywise (woah, they just started playing as I typed that, weird) and The Offspring I do like. Techno is ok, but in all honesty, the songs sound the same to me. When used in a remix though, then it's true glory shines through. I hate new country.

Bands I do like:
KMFDM!!!!!! Yes, 40+ CD's/records and counting.
Gravity Kills
NIN (I liked the fragile but I think it was over hyped)
Raison d'Etre
Die Krupps

Napalm Death
Fear Factory (old)
Six Feet Under
Morbid Angel
My Dying Bride
Children of Bodom
Forest of Shadows
November's Doom
White Zombie

Bands I Don't Like
Cat Stevens
Corinne Bailey Rae