Rappin' with the Homeboys has been on the scene since the turn of the millenium. Breaking out of their attic-band roots, they blasted into MP3.com gaining rave reviews. Their debut album Tell the Milkman, No More Cheese is still being perfected almost 10 years later. Numberous remixes flesh out this masterpiece and make it a force to be reckoned with.

Members of Rappin with the Homeboys have achieved their dreams through years of hard work. Starting out performing live during the 'Attic' sketch series, Cold Tooth Jag Yo, and Billy Butt Esoint blasted out their theme song Flossin' with my Cash, arguably the most influential rap song of the time, and a true personification of the code from which they live each day. Taking time to grant exclusive interviews with WHOC News, they spoke their message of touring for all to hear. Cold Tooth also gained a spot in the movie "Six Aces", another masterpiece of its time, where he debated the merits of internet music sharing.

Rappin' with the Homeboys approves of digital distribution, and true to their underground roots, they haven't made any money off their music, ever. Others may claim this is a poor business practice, but the Homeboys are paid in street credit and skills.

Rappin' with the Homeboys is:
Cold Tooth Jag Yo
Veteran member Cold Tooth manages the beats and styling of the music. He also creates the remixes from nothing other than random sounds and sine waves. Cold Tooth formed the band in order to convey the important messages relavent to the time. His dedication to the group over the course of a decade is unmatched by the flash-in-a-pan rap groups prevalent on college radio.

Billy Butt Esoint
Billy Butt is the group's resident freestyler. He concentrates on masterful lyrics and unstructured prose. He isn't bogged down by production values and needless rehearsals. Lyrics frow from his mouth like a torrent of rainwater from a failed sandbag levy. Without this valuable resource, the group would fall into a muddle puddle of empty beats.

Tank Homie da'Bomb
The newest member of the group, Tank Homie didn't grow up on the wrong side of the tracks, he grew up living on the tracks. His home was under a train crossing for many years. The constant vibrations allowed him to improvise beats like no other. He added quality lyrics to the smash hit 'Hot Sauce' as well despite never remembering the recording process.


Tell the Milkman, No More Cheese

  1. Group Interview
  2. Billy Butt Esoint Interview
  3. Cold Tooth Jag Yo Interview
  4. Flossin With My Cash
  5. Post Video Commentary
  6. Flossin With My Cash (Clunka remix)
  7. Flossin With My Cash (Sorted Cash remix)
  8. Flossin With My Cash (Raspy Flange remix)
  9. Just Chew on Something Crunchy
  10. Dont Use the Toilet (Oi)
  11. Muh Change (live)
  12. Hot Sauce
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Now this is some different type of s***, yo. But I find the pleasure in it. It's pleasetastic in fact.