Art Stuff
Surreal Synergy
This was an assignment I had for a communication media class. The task was to combine two different ideas into one scene. Sort of like a digital collage, only without the rubber cement everywhere.
Binary Numbers
This was another assignment. In which I had to use a metaphor of an everyday object to explain a computer term. I got binary numbers, so I used a grinder as the CPU, which processes all the bits. I also explain how I made the image in this page.
The Viking
Another assignment. I had to take a real life object, sketch it using ink and trace it into a vector object.
This is a pig; it is reading a newspaper.
I drew this as a '70's version of the Quake3 TankJr, but it came out much different, so I call it the MechFro. That's a TNT2 card in its head if you were wondering.