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Past Movie List
     This is a rough list of movies that we have done since 1992. There may have been more but I really can't remember that well. Some crossed the thin line between being a movie and 'just something we did'. There were countless commercials and skits which I tried to lump together in the time frame they were done.

1992-1995: Danny on the Moon: This was a series that I did in my room. We had fake commercials, skits, and stuff. The bulk of the episodes ran from 1992-1993, but a few more surfaced in later years.
Dann Thombs (lead)
Chris Thombs (co-star)
Alan C. (regular)
Brian C. (guest)
John Heins (semi-regular)
Mike M. (guest)
Danny M. (guest)

1992-1993: Honey, I'm Home: These were small skits in semi-association with Danny on the Moon. They involved a wife coming home and the husband either killing her or himself as the occasion presented itself. It was weird, don't ask.
Dann Thombs: (co-star)
Chris Thombs: (co-star)
Alan C.: (co-star)
John Heins: (co-star)

1993: Monster in the Woods: A boy (Chris Thombs) runs away from home because his parents are making him move to Russia. But a monster (Alan C.) is in the woods and shoots him, but then a park ranger (Dann Thombs) come and shoots the monster. Then the monster traks them down and chases the boy, but the boy finds a copperhead snake, and throws it on the monster and it dies.
Chris Thombs: The Boy
Alan C.: The Monster
Dann Thombs: The Park Ranger

1993: X-piles: A really boring X-files parody about lawyers and people who want to be your financial nightmare.
Chris Thombs: Mulder
Amy Thombs: Shully
Dann Thombs: a lawyer, misc

1993: The Stupid Karate Kid: Break through at the time, with state of the art computerized MOD music. A young boy (Chris Thombs) must be trained by the ancient chinese master (Dann Thombs). After training, the stupid karate kid is captured by the evil guy (John Heins) and is beaten. Then the stupid karate kid fights the evil guy and wins.
Chris Thombs: The Stupid Karate Kid
Dann Thombs: The Ancient Chinese Master, Whipper
John Heins: The Evil Guy

1993: Power Rangers: This is bad. Very bad. So bad I'm not wasting any more time on it.
Chris Thombs: The Stupid Karate Kid
Other people: The other rangers

1994: The Supid Karate Kid 2: The saga continues, in the sequel to The Stupid Karate Kid. He is trained again and fights the evil guy and beats him. The evil guy is dragged inside but is still alive. They decide to team up and enter competitions.
Chris Thombs: The Stupid Karate Kid
Dann Thombs: The Ancient Chinese Master
John Heins: The Evil Guy

1996-1997 The Stupid Karate Kid 3: Yes the excitement continues in the third installment of the trilogy. The stupid karate kid finds himself in an insane asylum. But the ancient chinese master gives him a note to escape. He does and meets the master outside, because the master works there. The stupid karate kid is immediately put to fight the evil guy. He wins and then is hired to steal some documents. This was 'for the money'. Then he is attacked by the spice boys, and then the silver-alien-looking-evil-guy. He is forced to play with dolls as part of the 100 levels of torcher. But he is rescued. Then there are rumours of an evil news caster and the stupid karate kid is befriended by a rat who later is shot by the evil news caster. But is okay later and everything is fine. Then there was some unrelated lamb-cha sock puppet thing which I'm not sure if we really wanted it to be in the movie or if we were just really bored.
Christ Thombs: The Stupid Karate Kid
Dann Thombs: The Ancient Chinese Master, client, Evil News Caster, Patricio
John Heins: The Evil Guy(s), Reporter, Silver-Alien-Looking-Evil-Guy, helper guy.
Mary E. O.: Insane person
Mike O.: The Snake!
Tim O.: Insane person, asylum guard
Brendan M.: Tiger Spice
Eric M.: China Spice
Darren M.: Vanilla Spice
Amy T.: Misc.

1997: Nerd 2 Turd in 3 days: A nerd wakes up and meets his friend through a series of zit popping jokes. Then their pocket protectors are stolen. So they sneak inside the stealer's home and take them back, and some pens to get even! Then they meet the stealer and he labels them turds. I'm fairly certain we will not be releasing this one onto the net. Not willingly anyway.
Chris Thombs: Nerd 1
John Heins: Nerd 2
Dann Thombs: Nerd 3, the Stealer

1997: Goshzilla: Yes, all the dubbed voice-overs you can handle. The monsters look surprising, and the characters Basically goshzilla terrorizes a friend and each new friend he makes. Then there is a lovely song at the end.
You can watch it here (ASF/3.8 Meg/5 minutes).
Or read the screenplay here.
Or listen to the lovely song on
Goshzilla: himself
Chris Thombs: Japanese Guy 1
John Heins: Japanese Guy 2, Japanese Guy 3, Japanese Guy 4
Dann Thombs: Narrator

1997-1998: The Attic: This was a collection of skits done in our attic. It mostly contained McDonalds skits were the person would be rude, or just weird (or my cat once), and some other things like WHO cares news.
Here's a screenplay of one skit: Surcharge
Chris Thombs: (co-star)
John Heins: (co-star)
Dann Thombs: (co-star)
Alan C. (guest)

1998: Vengence of Hobbes: An old woman leaves her house in the care of her cat Hobbes. Robbers break in but then are killed off by Hobbes.
Hobbes: herself
Chris Thombs: burgler, widow
Dann Thombs: burgler

1998: Auntie Helga's Christmas Carol: First introduced in the Stupid Karate Kid 3, Auntie Helga was welcomed with love by everyone. She even had a starring role as Aunt Iota in Ductwars: The Silver Alien. But here she reinacts everyone's favorite Christmas story: A Christmas Carol. Bob Cratchet is working for next to nothing, and doesn't get any coal for the fire. He has to prick his finger for blood so he can write, and he is not allowed to go to the GAP. At home, his daughter is going to die, so she must finish her dusting quickly. Then at night auntie Helga comes home and is greeted by carolers singing Du Hast, and she headbangs to it. Then she goes to sleep, only to wake up later by Marley because he is playing Grand Theft Auto. Marley leaves and comes back and warns her about three ghosts who will visit during the night. The first ghost comes and is only a head. He shows her the past. Then the ghost of the present comes and is huge. He shows her Bob Cratchet holding his daughter's skull on a stick pretending she is alive. Then the Scream guy comes and tries to kill her, but she thinks he is the ghost of the future, so she leaves to see what the future will hold. The real ghost of the future comes and is confused why she isn't there. He meets up with the Scream guy and gets stabbed. Auntie Helga never leanrs her lesson and feed scraps from the largest turkey to Bob Cratchet who has to beg for them under the table.
Or read the screenplay here.
Dann Thombs: Auntie Helga
John Heins: Marley, Ghost of Past/Present/Future
Chris Thombs: Bob Cratchet, Scream Guy

1999: The Statue of Goodness: A man wants to be a warrior, so he asks the ancient chinese master if he will train him. The master agrees if the warrior-to-be will leave him in his will. The master gives him a hat and a person to fight. After a long chase scene, he kills the opponent and then gets arrested, but beats up the cop.
Dann Thombs: Ancient Chinese Master
John Heins: Warrior
Chris Thombs: Opponent, Cop

1999: Ductwars: The Rebellion: Finally a movie that was edited and spliced so the order we filmed in didn't have to be the order it came out in. The full story can be found on the decemberized ductwars page, or at
Chris Thombs: Christo, Katano
John Heins: Juan Zi Nobie, MiV/The Masked Invader, Katano, Misc Fighters
Dann Thombs: Dantin, Sanson Hi, Danndroids, Misc Fighters
Amy T.: Quarkzarian Council Member

1999: The Orthodontist: During the Fall '99 semester I put together this minute long stopframe animation about a boy's nightmare.
Cotton ball in a copper pipe: The Boy
Milkweed pod, dried rose bud, screws, blood: The Evil Orthodontist
Retainer, christmas lights, pee pods: Attack creature
Lightbulb, pin, floppy diskette.: The Hornet

1999-2000: Ductwars: The Silver Enemy: Using what we learned during Ductwars: The Rebellion, we set out to see what we could do. Six months later, Ductwars: The Silver Enemy busted out and became something worthy of attention. The full story can be found on the decemberized ductwars page, or at
Chris Thombs: Christo, The Silver Alien, Shlim/The Silver Enemy, Ryannu
John Heins: Trebor, Juan Zi Nobie, Quibær, Musse, The Mask (head), The Masked Leader
Dann Thombs: Katano, Dantin, Gnomey, The Mask (body/voice)
Amy T.: Quarkzarian Representative, Princess Tresbet
Katharine M.: Military Representative, Queen Cibara

2000: Six Aces: 3 rich gamblers are tired of their poker games and decide on a new game. This game consists of 6 players who will be put in the forest and fight to the finish.
Chris Thombs: Rich member 1, Survivalist, Soldier
John Heins: Rich member 2, Agent, Soldier
Dann Thombs: Rich member 3, Demolitionist, Insane hunter, Soldier
Steve H: Cyborg
Dan M: Scientist, Soldier
Jon B: Apparition, Soldier
Ben G: Soldier
Amy Thombs: Waitress

2001: Goshzilla 2000: The zaniness continued and although it will never match the original, there is some merit to the effort.
You can watch it here (ASF/5.9 Meg/8 minutes).
Or read the screenplay here.
Or listen to the lovely song on
Goshzilla: himself
Chris Thombs: Japanese Guy 5
John Heins: Japanese Guy 6
Dann Thombs: Narrator

2001: Zombie Jamboree: The Day the Dead..uh..Weren't: A zombie movie, in sort of a slapstick style. We'll be working with the Candian Zombie Alliance and see if we can reach a new level of incompetence.
Chris Thombs: Yo Chris
John Heins: Simon
Dann Thombs: Duct Dann
Ben Grace: Pat the Vampire
Morgin Quinn: it's too late for you pal :P

2001?: Ductwars: III: Juan Zi Nobie is on his deathbed and recounts the story of his past. The Evil Emperor fights the freedom fighters. In the present the emperor comes back and must be defeated again.
Chris Thombs: Christo, Tzukie, Simaga Nobie
John Heins: Juan Zi Nobie
Dann Thombs: Katano, Dantin, Aunt Iota, The Emperor
Ben G: Shinn Rhe
Jon B: Tusk
Steve H: Rig Haben
Rob S: Lathan
Mike M: Tsion
Dan M: Cranuk
Everyone: Zi's

©1980-Y2K by Dann Thombs and Actually I don`t have it copyrighted, I have these imaginary lawyers guys who are all like "yo", he owns this stuff, so like don`t go taking it, or they lawyers will get all wu-tang on you, and then the voice dubbings will be all messed up and no one likes that. Um..I like made the design and I`m going to plug my site now, so go here and view the madness that ensues. There`s like some weird cartoons and some irc stats and logs. The logs are pretty funny because people act so stupid while they`re online, and never realize that it`s all being recorded and then posted on my website. Like one time this canadian got drunk and couldn`t even spell right. Like worse than normal, and it was just so funny but I don`t want to promote alcohol or anything, cause that makes you weird and stuff. Oh yeah, I showed this dude a picture of bostonchick from qcon, and he like kicked me out of the chat channel, but I guess he had a right, she was mad nasty annnnd she was drinking beer, so you see what that does to you. Oh and another time we were thinking of names for half-life 2, and I said Half-life: Won authorization failed, and I felt proud of me cause people liked it cause it`s like so true and stuff. But I haven`t had a problem with WON yet, which is good, since I don`t want to be blocked from multiplayer games because someone else did`t want to shell out the $50 to buy the game. That would be totally bad. But I have heard about people not being able to get one because their WON number got taken But maybe they`re lying, but they try to get mine, and I`m like "no way dude" but they keep trying and ask why not and I have to put my foot down and say "I can`t" and stuff, but cie la swedish and they say. Silly swedish. Oh and channel #half-life is evil so like don`t go there, cause the people are bad, and ban people for any reason, so go to #valve on the undernet cause I`m there, and just say "hey dann" and I`ll say "hey there" or "sup" or something but you`ll want to make sure I`m there first cause if I`m not I won`t be able to say anything, but I think you`re smart and will be able to figure it out and stuff. Hmmm, guess that`s it, bye....