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The Interface for GoldenRoad
Rawfaith Donations
The animation for Rawfaith's donation page.
Johnson Associates
A Fake company.
Digital Support Corporation
The intro to DSConnect
Toner Electric
The interface I did for Toner Electric
A short animation about a moouse and Cheez-its
ACME lightbulbs
Another Commercial-like flash animation. This one for ACME lightbulbs. I wanted to do something that wasn't violating any copyrights.
Enjoy Coke
This is not a real Coke ad or connected with them in anyway. I just did this to show that I could do a non-goofy flash thing.
Here's a flash intro I did for, a spinoff of It was never used, but I think it came out nice, so I'll put it here.
I used flash to save space on the web site. All the submenus slide in as the previous menus slide out, so all the items can share the same space.
RIYF Menu 2
In a later design change, I made this menu which still uses the idea of reusing space for all the menu items.
©1980-Y2K by Dann Thombs and Actually I don`t have it copyrighted, I have these imaginary lawyers guys who are all like "yo", he owns this stuff, so like don`t go taking it, or they lawyers will get all wu-tang on you, and then the voice dubbings will be all messed up and no one likes that. Um..I like made the design and I`m going to plug my site now, so go here and view the madness that ensues. There`s like some weird cartoons and some irc stats and logs. The logs are pretty funny because people act so stupid while they`re online, and never realize that it`s all being recorded and then posted on my website. Like one time this canadian got drunk and couldn`t even spell right. Like worse than normal, and it was just so funny but I don`t want to promote alcohol or anything, cause that makes you weird and stuff. Oh yeah, I showed this dude a picture of bostonchick from qcon, and he like kicked me out of the chat channel, but I guess he had a right, she was mad nasty annnnd she was drinking beer, so you see what that does to you. Oh and another time we were thinking of names for half-life 2, and I said Half-life: Won authorization failed, and I felt proud of me cause people liked it cause it`s like so true and stuff. But I haven`t had a problem with WON yet, which is good, since I don`t want to be blocked from multiplayer games because someone else did`t want to shell out the $50 to buy the game. That would be totally bad. But I have heard about people not being able to get one because their WON number got taken But maybe they`re lying, but they try to get mine, and I`m like "no way dude" but they keep trying and ask why not and I have to put my foot down and say "I can`t" and stuff, but cie la swedish and they say. Silly swedish. Oh and channel #half-life is evil so like don`t go there, cause the people are bad, and ban people for any reason, so go to #valve on the undernet cause I`m there, and just say "hey dann" and I`ll say "hey there" or "sup" or something but you`ll want to make sure I`m there first cause if I`m not I won`t be able to say anything, but I think you`re smart and will be able to figure it out and stuff. Hmmm, guess that`s it, bye....