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Here are some older links that I don't much care to associate with anymore, but still don't feel like removing.
Content is pretty old, and hopefully I'm a little more competent now.
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See also earlier versions of the site for more lost content:

1999 (June - Sept)

Discovered exactly 20 years later in a poorly named .zip file. Happy Toons explained the name I used on the toons page here. The inner page format was reused.

2000 (Feb - May)

First draft of the site. Intro video continued to grow, and news items were manually added.
Briefly had some Sims pages and CD reviews.

2000-2001 (July - March)

Altered style of cartoon frame, and converted news to a script.
Changed style of SixAces page.

2001 (May)

New splash screen, and then pointed to this page.
Added DuctWars 3 dedicated page.


Added dedicated page for DuctWars 4, but never finished it.
Usual incremental changes to the DCJ and bio page.


Brand new design, with random splash pages.
More or less the same content with updates to DCJ movies.


Closer to current design, since the harsh orange colors didn't match the domain.
Added screenshot bars to the DCJ movie page.


Similar to prior version, but updated DCJ movie list
Added additional front page links so the site acts as a HUB.


Minor changes, mainly archiving old content off of the front page. Returned to 2000-era logo. There was a news script for a few months in 2009.