May 31, 2000
I encoded and uploaded the original Ductwars: The Rebellion. It was made before The Silver Enemy one that I've been posting here before and isn't nearly as good. It's about 23 minutes and weighs in at 17.5 meg. Get it.
May 23, 2000
A review of Maynard from Tool's latest project, A Perfect Circle, is up on the Cd Reviews page. It's short but give an impression of the CD.

May 22, 2000
I modified the DuctWars ASF files slightly so there's a menu present when you view it and it will bring you directly to the beginning of each scene in the file. If you already downloaded the files, then don't bother re-getting them, since it's not an earth shattering feature.
May 15, 2000
DuctWars ASF file Part 00 of 04 is up on the ductwars page. This is the Intro which consists of the trailer, stopframe animation, production 3d animation and the text intro for the movie. The file is 1.6 Meg for about 2 minutes, and if you have a connection which gets greater than 100 kbytes/sec than you may be able to stream it. Just put in the file->open box in windows media player. I'm currently encoding the rest of the movie, and it should be golden either today or tomarrow. The remaining pieces should be about 18 Meg a piece X3. The bloopers might be about 12 Megs.

--Update 1:00pm Part 01 of DuctWars is up. It weighs in at 12 Megs for about 16 minutes of film. You should still be able to stream it if you connection is over 100 kbytes/sec. This section contains everything from the opening credits to the Silver Alien/Silver Enemy fight.

--Update 1:30pm This ASF encoding is crazy. It's going much faster than I thought, and the quality isn't half bad either. At least it keeps a steady framerate unlike the MPEGs I've tried to make. And I'm going from 650 Meg files down to 7-12 meg. Plus I can encode right from the original mjpeg codec that the movie needs to be in for film transfer, so I don't have to switch it indeo or something first. Microsoft, you've done well this time. So now Part 02 is up. It weighs in at 7.7 Megs for about 10 minutes of film. This goes from the Ductorian Elders to the forest escapades.

--Update 2:30pm Moving along, Part 03 is done. This time around it is 10 Megs and lasts 14 minutes. It contains the final part of the movie, Trebor's flashback through the closing credits.

--Update 3:00pm Last update I promise. Part 04 is done. Which is the bloopers, outakes, and factoids. Fairly entertaining. It is 6 Megs and lasts 8 1/2 minutes.

While I was encoding the movie files, I wrote up reviews for the Fear Factory albums: Demanufacture and Obsolete. Check 'em out.

Oh and if you want proof that doesn't screen anything that people post, here is my musical debut. Fun.

May 4, 2000
An animation and movies section is up which has some live action and animated MPEGS and AVI's that I've done.
May 2, 2000
I put up a concentration game for Ductwars. It's all done in flash 4 using the scripting available. I plan on randomizing the card layout for each game, but that's for another time.