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Episode 2

Thirty years have passed since the destruction of the Masked Invader. Christo has become the senior member of the Ductorian Council with Katano. The intervening years have been peaceful, but now a threat of a masked revolt looms overhead. The Galactic Council has decided to train a new Ductorian Warrior to find and destroy the new threat...

The scene opens with a view of the outside of the Masked Council. The Mask and The Masked Leader are talking.

Masked Leader: Master, the galactic leaders are becoming aware of out presense.

The Mask: I see, then we must act quickly. Once the Ductorian empire is in our control, we can expand throughout the galaxy and have our revenge.

Masked Leader: How long until the Silver Alien is ready?

The Mask: Soon, I will not enter this battle unprepared. The future of our empire lies in the success of this venture.

Masked Leader: Good.

The View zooms into the background and into space. A satellite orbits the Masked Planet and a small ship exits from below. Thie ship travels at lightspeed to a shimmering blue-green planet and descends. It is soon destroyed by two large turrets and the view continues forward. A slender building is seen in the distance and gets larger as the view approaches. Inside Christo is sleeping and dreams of past encounters with the Masked Invader.

Christo: Why am I having dreams like this?

He gets up and walks down a flight of stairs, punches in a code and the doors open up to view his personal jet, which takes off and arrives at the Ductorian Council Room.

Christo: There is an upset in the galaxy.

Katano: It cannot be the Masked Invader, I have destroyed him, I blew up his planet myself.

Christo: That was so long ago, I fear it is not him.

Katano: What can it be?

Christo: I am not sure

Katano: Let us investigate.

Christo goes to a hologram room to meet with representatives from distant parts of the galaxy. Among the aliens, are a military representative, a Quarkzarian alien, and Musse, and old friend.

Christo: Gather around. We have felt a disturbance in the galaxy; have you also felt this?

Military Representative: Yes, my people have been restless, and I fear that chaos may not be too far ahead.

Quarkzarian Representative: We must make a plan to find out what is happening.

Christo: I agree, we shall begin the search tomarrow.

Musse: Christo, from past experience, we know that you and your people have the skills and talent needed to face the Masked Empire. We must find a new warrior as you yourself once were. We leave our faith in you.

Christo and Katano travel to a beach to meet with Queen Cibara and Princess Tresbet

Christo: Katano, it looks like there was a battle here.

The princess and queen appear before Chisto.

Christo: Queen Cibara, we have important things to discuss.

Queen Cibera: Yes, we do

Christo: Queen, it is crucial that we find a willing and capable warrior, and soon.

A figure slowly crawls up from behind a rock. Then a dark cave is in view, with two red eyes peering out from within. Then suddenly a danbot flies out, and the figure jumps on it before it can harm the queen or Christo. But before he can be questioned, he runs off out of sight.

Katano walks over to a cage containing a danbot.

Katano: This was found in one of the villiages nearby. He looks closely at it. Pure evil but it has a certain elegance to it.

A close up of Katano, then the bot. Then the bot strikes at the metal bars, slightly jarring Katano.

Christo: Just how deadly are they?

Katano: Very, they can take out an entire villiage if the people are not properly trained.

The bot then inspects the bars and bursts through them, heading for Katano, only to be knocked apart by Katano's arm. Christo and Katano walk away.

Another external view of the Masked Council is shown. The Mask and The Silver Alien are present.

The Mask: Come here.

Silver Alien: What is it?

The Mask: I need your help.

Silver Alien: This better be important.

The Mask: Yes this is very important.

Silver Alien: This better not be one of your pointless conquests. I grow tied of wasting my talent.

The Mask: We shall use your talent to the fullest; I promise.

Silver Alien: I'm listening.

The Mask: Good, then I shall start from the beginning. We have been suffering since the loss of the Masked Invader. Though he was young, he was the most brilliant warrior we had in our empire. I see the same characteristics in you.

Silver Alien: Flattery will get you nowhere; get to the point.

The Mask: Fine then, our empire wishes to make a frontal attack on the Ductorian people. To do this, we must dispose of Christo who ended the life of the Masked Invader. You are the only one capable of this task.

Silver Alien: I shall not accept such a proposal. I will never have the blood of so many civilians on my hand.

The Mask: If you are not with me, then you are against me. You will not live to see another day.

The Silver Alien walks out and takes out two guards. The Silver Alien's Ship, Mercury, flies through space and descends on a planet.

An external view of the Ductorian Council is shown. Katano and Christo are discussing the Masked Empire.

Christo: The Masked Empire has rebuilt an empire and declared war.

Katano: Where is the battle taking place?

Christo: The Masked Council has set up dandroids to watch the island of Traken Ico. They are said to be lead by the fierce Silver Alien.

Katano: Shall we find the hunter at the beach?

Christo: Yes, we will need all the help we can get.

Christo walks up to a keyboard and punches in a few codes, and does the same to a projection unit. The Silver Alien's Head appears in the projection unit.

Christo: Ah, the Silver Alien

The Silver Alien: Yes, what is it?

Christo: Do you remember the census you took, the one of the Ductorian people?

The Silver Alien: Yes, I have the names of every inhabitant on your planet.

Christo: Good, check for any that are located at the beach.

The Silver Alien: Here, it seems as if there is only one.

Christo: Ok, this is what he looks like.

A hologram of the hunter at the beach's head appears.

The Silver Alien: His name is Trebor; do not hurt him.

Christo: Why not?

The Silver Alien: He is my son. What has he done to propose such a threat to your people.

Christo: He has done nothing. I wish to bring him in to fight. We are very low, only Katano and I are warriors right now.

The Silver Alien: He hates the masked people. Use this to find him. Watch him for me.

The Silver Alien's head dissappears and Christo talks into his watch. Christo: Katano, warm up the holographic droid. Katano: Yes Sir. Katano is working on a bot. He pushes a few buttons and it comes to life. The hunter is shown living in an abandoned house foundation. He hears someone slicing though the brush with a knife and gets out. Apon seeing the bot, he exclaims "A Masked Warrior" and takes off after it. He chases it and defeats it only to be captured by Katano.

Katano takes the hunter to the Ductorian Council for questioning. The hunter tries to escape.

Katano: It will not do you any good to escape, this fortress is heavily guarded. This is the Ductorian council and I am Katano. I have brought you here because the Ductorian Council is in an uprise.

The Hunter: The Ductorian Council is good, I fought an evil drone.

Katano: That drone was to train you and see what your skills are. I recognize your skills as ones needed for this battle. What is your name?

The Hunter: Trebor.

Katano: Trebor, are you interested in helping us fight the Masked Empire?

Trebor: Yes.....I'll help you.

Christo walks in

Christo: Is this the warrior from the beach?

Katano: Yes, this is Trebor.

Christo: Good, we need you. I am Christo. I am the Senior Ductorian Council. I am glad to make your acquaintance.

Christo and Trebor are outside with ductsabers.

Christo: I'm sure you're familiar with the ductsabers. Begin.

Christo and Trebor fight with the ductsabers, and Christo shows him some other weapons.

Christo: This is the duct laser. It's very very powerful. Ready.

Christo shoots a target and it disintegrates.

Trebor: Wow

Christo: Destroys things just like that. But even better is this.

Christo brings out a large cannon, pulsating with electricity. Trebor touches it an receives a large zap.

Christo: This is the Ductorian Cannon, commonly known as the DuctCannon. It's the most powerful weapon at the present moment. Ready, 3..2..Stand Back...1

Christo fires the cannon and the view turns negative and slowly reverts back to normal. Christo and Katano continue ductsaber training.

Christo: I want to train him myself, Katano leave.

Christo and Trebor do a final training sequence

Christo: Impressive, you're ready

Trebor gets ready to sleep

Katano: Get a good night's sleep. We'll leave at dawn.

Trebor: I'll try, but I don't think I'll get any sleep at all.

Katano: If it makes any difference, I know you will make it through. I have trained many, and Christo feels you have much natural skill.

Trebor: I hope so.

Katano: Some day you may even become a true Ductorian Warrior.

The Masked Council is in view. Inside the Mask and Shlim are talking.

The Mask: Shlim, you may enter. I grow weary of the Silver Alien's kindness. It is his weakness, and because much relies on him, it is ours. You have been training, how are your fighting skills?

Shlim: The best sir. I will have the Silver Alien kissing you feet by tomarrow.

The Mask: I like your energy, it is sort of dark and consuming. Down to business. Here is your mission, find the Silver Alien, destroy Christo, and assume the Silver Alien's role. There are dandroids assuming positions on the island of Traken Ico. Once you become the Silver Alien, fly mercury into the island. According to my knowledge, the Ductorian Council has sent two warriors to put down the threat. You mission is to make sure that never happens.

Shlim: Absolutely sir. But call me the Silver Enemy, but after tonight of course.

The Mask: I always could trust you. We move out tonight at midnight.

Shlim: Yes sir!

A door opens in a dark room to reveal the Silver Alien. A light is turned on and Christo wakes up.

Christo: What are you doing here?

Silver Alien: There's a problem. The MasK has ordered an assasination.

Chirsto: Concerning whom?

Silver Alien: You. I must take you away from here. I have chosen a place in the Musala Tundra. Do your friends know about me?

Christo: Know about you....yes, but they believe you are against us.

Silver Alien: Keep it that way. The truth cannot get out, or my life will fall to the Mask.

Christo: We should move quickly. It's near midnight and I think we should leave before Katano arises.

Silver Alien: Definately, we shall take my ship, Mercury.

The Silver Alien and Christo are outside near a small hill

Silver Alien: Mercury is over this ridge.

Christo: You know, you don't have to do this.

Silver Alien: I know

The Silver Alien and Christo climb the hill and look to the sky.

Silver Alien: There's an enemy ship up ahead.

A ship flies though the sky

Christo: Oh no, it's a Masked-wing Stealth Bomber.

Christo and the Silver Alien split up and run. Christo stumbles down a hill and takes off in Mercury. The Silver Alien, meets Shlim and has a ductsaber fight, which he looses. Shlim takes his mask and becomes the Silver Enemy.


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