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There is a constant battle between duct-tape and masking tape. Here the final fate will be decided.
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DuctWars 1: The Rebellion


  • Movie Cover (150k)


  • part 1

    -Entire Movie

  • Ductwars I (17.5 Mb/23.5 Minutes) - Everything from the intro to bloopers.

    DuctWars 2: The Silver Enemy


  • Movie Cover - This brings you to a page where you can select which portion you want to view as high quality.
  • Soundtrack Cover (180K)


  • part 1
  • part 2
  • part 3

    -Entire Movie

  • Part 00 (1.6 Mb/2 Minutes) - Trailer, Stopframe, 3D logo, and text intro.
  • Part 01 (12 Mb/16 Minutes) - Opening credits to the Silver Alien vs. Silver Enemy fight.
  • Part 02 (7.7 Mb/10 Minutes) - The Ductorian Elders to the Forest Escapades.
  • Part 03 (10 Mb/14 Minutes) - Trebors's flashback to the closing credits.
  • Part 04 (6 Mb/8.5 Minutes) - Bloopers and factoids.

    -Wallpaper (may need to be resize to fit your desktop)

  • 4 Planes View (1280x960)
  • Close up View of Skull Plane (1280x960)
  • The Evil Mothership (640x480)

    DuctWars 3: Forgotten Past

    -Main Site


    Other Stuff


  • Concentration


  • How to make a lit up ductsaber on a still frame or series of frames.

    -Misc Movies

  • DuctWars Wassup Cable/xDSL Quality
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