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Episode 2

Christo arrives at the Musala Tundra and is disoriented by the ice he lands on.

Christo: This planet seems to have a very low frictional gradient.

Christo stumbles some more and arrives at the house of elders: Juan Zi Nobie and Dantin. Juan opens the door and Christo frantically enters and closes the door.

Christo: Watch out, watch out, there's poison white powder out there.

Juan looks outside to see what it is, but does not see any poison white powder.

Christo: Do you have something I could wear. My shirt is all cold and wet.

Juan: We might have one of the old uniforms in here.

Christo: Thanks. We have some business to discuss.

Juan: Yes, we do.

Juan, Dantin, and Queen Cibara join Christo at a table to discuss the business.

Juan: The war is progressing as we speak.

Christo: Yes, Katano and Trebor left this morning. They're piloting the new K-wings. Queen Cibara, how are the Ductorian people holding up?

Queen Cibara: Well it's been tough since the danbots have arrived, but I think we're going to be ok.

Juan: Dantin, take Christo to the weapons room.

A scientist is working on some gadgets. Christo and Dantin arrive in the weapons room.

Quibær: Ah, come in, come in. I'm so excited to get visitors after all this time. I've been working on a few modifications for Ductorian weapons. Put these gloves on. They will prevent you from being harmed if a lightsaber is taken and hits you in the hand.

Christo: Wow

Quibær: A very advance technological inovation. Take this lightsaber.

Christo: This is a very nice lightsaber.

Quibær: Now hold the blade.

Christo: Wow, it's weird, it's very warm. Weird. You know, the stuff here is absolutely great.

Quibær: Well, thank you.

"Security breach" starts playing and red lights start flashing.

Christo: Let's go, let's go.

Dantin, Christo and Queen Cibara battle attacking danbots and Christo returns to Juan. Christo: I just got through with fighting the danbots. Apparently the poison white powder has receeded; there is no longer a threat.

Juan: Oh..yes..the poison white powder. The sun blazes hot here and melts the poison white powder quickly.

Christo: Dantin and Queen Cibara has left for the palace. They don't know when they'll be back, but it should be soon.

Juan: You must go to the Tazarbian Wetlands to put down a threat of danbots there that have been terrorizing the citizens for many weeks. This is a very dangerous assignment and you will need the best equipment. Go down to our equipment library. Quibær will give you what you need.

Christo: Yes sir.

Quibær is working on a ductcannon and there is a large flash.

Quibær: Oh my, well let's just shut that off then before we continue.

Christo: Hey, Juan told be to come down here for some weapons.

Quibær: Well I just happen to have some here, and a little bag right here. Here is a new model of the Ductorian grenade. All you do is pop it here, throw it and in four seconds it will explode.

Christo: Four seconds, ok.

Quibær: Here is a miniture hand held palm conceilable grenade. This is a double-ended ductsaber modeled after the Silver Alien's foil saber, but this is to be used for the powers of good, and not evil. This is a portable hand held Ductorian disruptor. Use it carefully, it is four times more powerfull than a standard ductlaser. And this is the newly modified, more powerful, freshly recharged, Ductorian Cannon.

Christo: How many times to i get to use it before it wears out?

Quibær: It needs to be recharged every ten seconds. Use it carefully.

Christo: Ok, I will. Thanks you.

Christo lands Mercury on the a planet, and flies out as it comes to a crash landing. As he's walking, he looks behind him and runs. Then a herd of elephoids comes along and chases him. Christo outruns them and comes to a hut.

Christo: What?

A midget woman is gathering sticks but the hut

Woman: Who are you?

Christo: My name is Christo. What is your name?

Woman: I am Aunt Iota. Come, we will go into my hut.

They enter the hut

Iota: How may I help you?

Christo: I need some information. Ah, I came here to look for the Tazarbian Wetlands.

Iota: Hmm, I think I know where they are. Let's see, let me bring up my map.

A hologram of a map pops up

Iota: Ah, do you see this?

Christo: Yes, I see.

Iota: This is the Tazabian Wetlands.

Christo: Ok.

Iota: This is us.

Christo: Alright, so it's just through the forest.

Iota: Yes, but as you said, the forest is surrounded by danbots.

Christo: They are no problem for me.

Iota: I bid you farewell then.

Christo: Thank you.

Christo runs towards Mercury and takes out his ductvest, a ductcannon and a bag. He starts walking through the wetlands and come across a danbot. He uses his blaster to shoot it into a tree, knocking it down. He makes a few more shots and another danbot falls from a tree and lands into a small pond. During the fighting, Christo's ductsaber falls out of his bag. He picks it up, opens the blade and slices a danbot's head off. Christo climbs a tree and jumps down, trampling a bot. Then a POV of a bot runs up to Christo and he drop kicks it, jumps up and kicks another. Christo sees something and starts running, but is hit in the head. He gets up and jumps out of the way of a blaster shot. He starts running avoiding laser blast from all around. He manages to pick up a branch and hit the large danbot that is following him. Christo jumps into a ditch and the bot passes over him. He backs against a tree as just as the bot approaches, he opens his ductsaber, killing it. With one last shot of his ductcannon and duct grenade, he destroys the rest of the danbots. But this is not the largest threat.

Christo: It must be around here somewhere.

Christo leaves the forest and enters an open field. He looks up and sees a large creature; the creature roars and chases after Christo. It traps Christo in his mouth and spits him out. Christo runs and starts being chased again, but he makes it to his ductcannon and shoots the creature. Christo then staggers back to Mercury, his mission complete.

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